Tunisia’s Sanctions List Against Domestic Jihadis

Yesterday, for the fourth time, Tunisia has updated its sanctions list against domestic jihadis, which it first instituted November 9, 2018. This was also the topic of a recent in-depth research article I wrote with my colleague Katherine Bauer for the CTC Sentinel titled “The Development of Tunisia’s Domestic Counter-Terrorism Finance Capability.” The list itself is released in Arabic and French and as part of my research into this topic I translated it to English. Since the article is out now, I am happy to share this database, which will be updated on a rolling basis as Tunisia adds new individuals to the list. I highly recommend reading the CTC Sentinel article first to get a better background on the reasons behind it, how it was created, what kind of information we can learn from it, and what it could mean going forward for Tunisia’s counterterrorism capacity.

1 thought on “Tunisia’s Sanctions List Against Domestic Jihadis

  1. I like this because it makes it harder for jihidists to operate, no.


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