Book Events

*Due to the coronavirus things are postponed for now. Will update when things get back to normal*


March 13, 2020: Capitol Hill Staffers

March 17, 2020: University of North Carolina

March 30, 2020: United Nations

April 13, 2020: University of Chicago

April 14, 2020: University of Wisconsin

April 22, 2020: University of Maryland

April 30, 2020: New York University

Specific Dates Yet To Be Determined

Spring 2020: Tufts University, Middle East Institute

Fall 2020: King’s College London, Georgetown University, University of Oslo, Columbia Global Centers – Tunis, Northwestern University, CTC West Point, Carnegie Mellon University, 9/11 Museum

Past Events

February 11, 2020: Washington Institute for Near East Policy

February 18, 2020: Congressional Research Service (Library of Congress)

March 2, 2020: George Washington University

March 5, 2020: Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy

April 7, 2020: Center for Global Policy

July 3, 2020: Monash University

October 2, 2020: Columbia University

November 2, 2020: Brandeis University

November 16, 2020: American University

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