Islamic State Attacks in Tunisia

UPDATE to original post with more recent claims:

February 3, 2021: The killing of 4 members of the Tunisian army and a spy affiliated with them at the hands of the Soldiers of the caliphate at Jabal al-Maghilah and Jabal al-Sallum in Kasserine Governorate

September 6, 2020: At least one Tunisian policeman was killed and others were wounded in an attack carried out by Islamic State fighters in the city of Sousse in eastern Tunisia

March 20, 2020: An IED exploded in Kribi in the heights of Jabal al-Maghilah in Kasserine Governorate

January 22, 2020: Soldiers of the Caliphate blew up an IED at 9:30am on a Hummer of the Tunisian Army on their patrol in Tal al-Swaysiyah in Jabal Maghilah in Kasserine Governorate, which killed five individuals and wounded others.

July 4, 2019: A fighter From the Islamic State Detonated His Explosive Belt on the Tunisian Security Forces in al-Intilaka Neighborhood in Tunis

June 27, 2019: The Two Attackers That Launched Their Attacks Upon the Tunisian Security Forces in the Capital Are Fighters of the Islamic State

April 15, 2019: Slaughtering a Spy For Tunisian Security After His Capture

March 1, 2019: Injury of a Member of the Tunisian Army By a Landmine Explosion in Jabal Orbata in Gafsa Governorate in the center of Tunisia.

February 20, 2019: Killing a Spy For the Tunisian Security Forces and Injuring Senior Officials in Jabal Maghilah in Kasserine Governorate.

November 29, 2018: Fighters attacked a police patrol with automatic weapons in the “al-Manar” neighborhood in Western Kasserine city in Kasserine Governorate.

In light of the recent Islamic State claimed attack in Tunisia and confusion by some on Twitter on when the last IS attack was in Tunisia I thought it would be useful to write up a post that helps clarify the issue and shows all of the IS attacks that have occurred in Tunisia. These are based on claims of responsibility from the Islamic State’s Tunis Media Office, Amaq News Agency, al-Naba’ Newsletter, and al-Bayan Radio, Jund al-Khilafa in Tunisia’s Ajnad al-Khilafah bi-Ifriqiya Media Foundation as well as Ifriqiyya Media. The latter was used prior to IS officially claiming responsibility. The language below is how IS/JKT claimed responsibility. Lastly, it should be noted that the claimed attacks do not necessarily reflect the actual events, i.e. the information in the claims.

June 3, 2018: Bombing the Douleb Gas Pipeline to Eastern Sfax With An IED Planted By Fighters of the Islamic State.

April 10, 2018: Killing a Sergeant in the Tunisian Army and Wounding Other Soldiers Following a Clash With Islamic State Fighters in Jabal al-Maghilah in Kasserine Governorate.

March 19, 2018: A Suicide Bomber Blows Up His Jacket In the Tunisian Security Forces and Injuring Four Apostates.

August 22, 2017: Injuring an Individual From the Tunisian Army With An IED in Jabal al-Maghilah in Kasserine Governorate.

August 19, 2017: Destruction of An Armored Vehicle of Carrying Individuals From the Tunisian Army With An IED in Jabal al-Maghilah in Kasserine Governorate.

July 29, 2017: Death and Injury of Five Individuals From the Apostate Tunisian Army and Destruction of a Western Armored Vehicle.

June 1, 2017: Assassination of a Spy Working For Tunisian Intelligence in Jabal al-Maghilah in Western Kasserine.

November 14, 2016: Injuring Twelve Tunisian Soldiers With Two IEDs Planted By Islamic State Fighters in Jabal al-Maghilah in Kasserine Governorate on Monday.

November 6, 2016: Assassination of a Tunisian Soldier in His Home At the Hands of Two Islamic State Fighters in Jabal al-Maghilah in Western Kasserine.

May 17, 2016: Wounding Tunisian Soldiers From An IED Planted By Islamic State Fighters in Jabal al-Maghilah in Kasserine.

March 7-9, 2016: Terrorize the Tyrants of Tunisia: Targeting Of infidels and Apostates in Tunisia (Battle of Ben Gardane).

November 25, 2015: Death of Dozens From the Presidential Guard In A Suicide Bombing In the Heart Of Tunisia’s Capital.

November 13, 2015: Slaughtering the Tunisian Spy Mabruk.

August 20, 2015: After Obtaining Information Revealing the Apostate Tunisian Army’s Intent To Attack An Islamic State Training Camp at Jabal al-Maghilah, the Mujahidin Detonated a Series Of IEDs, Killing a Staff Sergeant and a Corporal in the Engineering Division and Wounding Two Others.

June 26, 2015: Death of Dozens From the Citizens of the Crusader Coalition In a Quality Operation In the City of Sousse in Muslim Tunisia.

June 17, 2015: Two Soldiers of the Caliphate Carried Out An Inghimasi Operation Assaulting Two Military Centers in the City of Sidi Bouzid With Light Weapons and Succeeded in Killing and Wounding More Than Twenty Apostate Soldiers and Guards. Among Those Killed Were Four Officers, Including a Sergeant, a Corporal, and a First Lieutenant Who Served As the Head of One of the Military Centers.

May 25, 2015: Bouchoucha Barracks Attack

May 2, 2015: Clashes With a Group Of the Apostate Tunisia Special Forces in Jabal al-Sallum.

April 22, 2015: Jabal al-Sallum Operation.

April 14, 2015: Jabal al-Maghilah Operation.

April 9, 2015: Ambush Upon the Tunisian Army In Jabal al-Maghilah.

March 19, 2015: The Bardo Museum Operation in Islamic Tunisia.

December 1, 2014: Beheading Police Officer Hassan Soltani in Touiref.

The following attacks were claimed in an Islamic State video by the French-Tunisian Bubakr al-Hakim, though the attacks occurred when al-Hakim was allegedly still in Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia. It is possible though he broke from them by this time since he disagreed with the dawa-first approach of Abu ‘Iyadh al-Tunisi.

July 25, 2013: Assassination of Mohamed Brahmi

February 6, 2013: Assassination of Chokri Belaid

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