Attack on Police Patrol in Berges du Lac 2

At around 11am Tunis time, there were initial reports that a suicide attack was conducted near the U.S. Embassy in Tunis. Both individuals involved were killed in the attack, with one security officer, Lieutenant Taoufik Missaoui, succumbing to injuries and dying, four other security officers were injured, and a women passerby in her car injured her face.

The two terrorists were on a motorbike and approached the security checkpoint where a patrol was stationed and pretended to request information from law enforcement officials before detonating themselves. However, a witness told Le Monde that the attackers attempted to breach the security barriers to get into the U.S. Embassy.

According to Sufyan al-Sulaiti , spokesman for the Judicial Pole of Terrorism, the attackers used a large amount of explosives that were booby-trapped to the motorcycle.

In response, the American School at the Embassy was closed. The Embassy also placed U.S. Marines on the roof for security purposes.

The two attackers are Zenidi Mohamed Selim who was born in 1991 in La Marsa and lives in El Kram and Laaka Khoubaieb who was born in 1993 in La Marsa and lives in Sidi Daoued. One of them recently left prison and had been serving a sentence since 2014. The two individuals had been banned from traveling. In the aftermath of the attack, a suspect has been arrested by the Interior Ministry.

The attack, however, does not seem to have affected daily life in the area near the attack, where Tunisians continue to shop and hang out at cafes and restaurants.

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