Details/Updates on the Tunis Police Attack

Some information about what we know about the case thus far. This is information sourced from local Tunisian media reports in Arabic and French.

  • Perpetrator: Mouna Guebla
  • Age: 30
  • From Zorda, Sidi Alouane District, Mahdia Governorate (140 miles south of Tunis)


  • 15 security officers and 5 civilians injured
  • There were no prior indications that Mouna had been involved in jihadi activism nor was she on a government list
  • According to ShemsFM, there were 2-3 facilitators for the attack
  • Family claims she was radicalized online
  • Neighbors and relatives have noted that Mouna has recently traveled and stayed in Ettadhamen for a week, which is an under serviced neighborhood northwest of the center of Tunis that has been known for jihadi activism and foreign fighting


  • Two individuals have been arrested for praising the attack online
  • Two other individuals in Siliana arrested for glorifying the attack online
  • One individual arrested from Ariana for celebrating the attack online
  • Updates to follow
(AP Photo/Riadh Dridi)

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